100% Copper buttons

It was always going to be copper for us. It just took some looking, and a little help, to get what we wanted.


There's something premium about copper on denim, and both Katy and I agree that we always feel a little let down if beautiful denim is finished with 'antique brass' or 'gunmetal' buttons. That isn't to say that they don't have their place, but we just can't imagine finishing our natural indigo, premium jeans with anything less than copper.


Our buttons are made from a single piece of rolled 100% copper, and our rivets are copper capped.

Apart from being one of the best conductors of electricity and heat, copper (Cu) is actually an essential dietary element to human life. We need it to live, and it's just by virtue of nature that it's such a beautiful looking piece of the world.

Some of the most stirring pieces of art are laced with copper, as it forms a pigment when mixed with other colours. Not only is it gorgeous in its pure state, giving a pinkish gold colour, but in compound salts it forms other amazing colours such as azurite and turquoise.



photo credit: Eric Hunt


Turquoise and copper are traditionally paired together in jewellery, and it's been the de facto precious stone for dozens of civilizations - but that's a STORY for another day, and another product.

With a little age, copper gets deep green patina, and we just know that it's always going to look beautiful as it develops over a pair of indigo jeans.