Grandfather time: the original TIME jacket

The TIME Jacket represents more than the sum of its parts. It isn't just a shape, a design, a piece of history - it's the perfect tool for the job at hand. We found the original TIME jacket long before STORY mfg. started firing up the looms - but once they started chattering we knew we'd be re-wilding this design.


We asked around wherever we could about the jacket through scouring archives and pestering experts. It was never clear exactly how it came to exist - though all parties agree that it was most likely made in the 30's or 40's.

The general concensus, from the build and similarity to other examples, is that it was most likely a jacket made in prison, for prisoners.

The selvedge you see that screams 'PREMIUM!' these days was probably only placed where it was because there was no access to an overlocker. Whoever made this up cut it on the selvedge out of ease - not out of a sense of style or heritage.


We now, in 2014, have purposefully chosen to replicate this odd, square and in some ways wasteful design. It would have been far easier to overlock the edges or use a wider fabric - but it just wouldn't be the same. We believe there's a time, a place, and a reason for overlocking - but this isn't it!


The fist-sized pockets at hip height were the first detail that attracted us. It may seem simple to ask for pockets in a usable place that you can actually fit a few things into - but you'd be surprised at just how hard they are to come buy! For us a pocket isn't an afterthought - it's often a forethought.


The TIME jacket, as naive as it was when it was made, hits upon a style and look we love. It's completely anti-fit and cut all at right angles for ease. For some that might be a turn off because it isnt fitted to the body; it drapes or sits - depending on how big you are.

We plan to make a larger size of this - but we aren't sure there's ever any need for it to be smaller. We've thrown it on people of all shapes and sizes, and it's looked superb each and every way it's worn.

That is, in part, why we're offering it as an 'upgradeable' piece. It's so utilitarian and such a blank canvas to showcase the fabric that it has unlimited possibilities.

And we want you to play with it, to patch it up, to upgrade it yourself - and make each one unique. The fabrics are already totally unique - but let's see just how far we can take this!


Somewhere in the past the arms where chopped off. We've recreated them but we cant help but like how playful a jacket with short sleeves is.

A short sleeve version may well be a future upgrade - but for now we have some other ideas up our sleeves!

In any case, the TIME jacket remains in our archive, a testament to something we aren't even sure of. We do know one thing for certain though - it's a survivor.

01_STORYmfg Time jacket walk

02_STORYmfg Time jacket walk