Resurrecting a legend: TRF (Two Right Feet) shoes.

Our TRF shoes are made with a 100% impermeable, breathable, antibacterial but soft and light leather alternative. The sole is made from a lightweight, but tough, EVA, and the interlacing runs (unusually) all the way around the shoe. They're made in England, in one of the most incredible factories we've ever been to - and they're available to pre order now.


We often talk about 're-wilding' things, but I'm not sure if what we really mean has ever been fully explained. 

Extinction is forever, we know that - but what if it wasn't? What if iconic creatures from long forgotten pasts could be brought back into the world and set free to re-roam the earth? That's re-wilding, and while Katy and I can't bring back the sabre tooth tiger - we can study the past to bring back wearable icons.

Most pieces in our collection begin their (new) lives in our vintage archive. We have an enormous library that we regularly look through, examine, and share with guests. 

But sometimes, and this doesn't happen as much as I'd like, something finds us. That's what happened with the TRF (Two Right Feet) shoes. 

We headed on up to Northampton originally to make a boot. In fact, we were so sure of what we were making that the principal reason for the visit was to check fabric and make an order. 

We spent our usual time taking a tour, asking questions, prodding, poking and sniffing (especially in a shoe factory - nothing smells quite like new shoes.). 

Then, we saw it. The original TRF shoe - stuffed in between two pieces of equipment. We can't show you a picture here because we don't have one. I know - big mistake. Terribly un-story.

Side note: Katy's home was burgled last week - and the thieves took our backup hard drive. The drive we keep all our images on. This update, and maybe a few more, are going to be on the naked side but we'll do our best to visit the factory again while our shoes are being made. Anyway - on with the story...

We didn't know the profound effect this shoe would have on us. We asked a few questions about it, the way it was made, and where it came from. Our guide smiled and told us how labour intensive it was, how much more expensive it was, and how much more hassle it was in general.

We finished up the tour, went back to the office, put in our order and set off back to London.

We were happy - but something felt off. We both kept talking about that other shoe. It was a classic - a gibson shape on a beautiful last. But it was also classic in a more youthful way than anything else. They're a formal shoe that wants to dance, and they're just begging to be re-paired with raw denim, the way they used to be worn in their heyday.

We insisted we have it. It was a little bit of a tussle - but we got there in the end.