Retail Assistant (Maternity Cover)

Key Duties / Responsibilities:

Your Webshop & Customer Service duties will include, but are not limited to;

  • Daily picking, packing and operating of Shipstation and Shopify software in order to process all orders placed before 12pm
  • Ensure we are sending out everything well presented and luxury - good quality printing, correct stamping, perfect folding
  • Deal with shipping and logistics of customer orders - following up with couriers where necessary / tracking parcels / refunds and returns
  • Liaise with customers both via email (via our Customer Service Software) and on the phone (WhatsApp / phone call) politely and in good time 
  • Keep track of any orders in progress 
  • Assisting customers with placing their order by offering advice and giving information when required
  • Ensure retail spaces are clean and organised at all times, with all stock folded and packed in bio bags
  • Perform frequent stocktakes 
  • Ensure incoming stock is checked in and the appropriate person is notified of all deliveries 
  • Undertake monthly supplies inventory stocktakes of all webshop supplies 
  • Arrange pickups and deliveries of anything assigned to you by management 
  • Measure and QC products, relaying any issues to line manager and production team 
  • Daily cleaning of the office and stockroom; hoover, mop and dust

Our shop is open on Saturdays, with duties including;

  • Opening up and closing down of the store on Saturdays and participating in short daily team meetings before opening 
  • Having an excellent eye for detail and shop cleanliness and feel. Maintaining an uncluttered, clean and considered retail space at all times - upholding high standards of tidiness and awareness of how the space looks and feels
  • Excellent customer service by providing a calm and welcoming environment with polite attentiveness to customers at all times 
  • Being a reliable, motivated and aware team player - delivering the monthly sales targets working closely with the rest of the team to do so 
  • Confident in communicating across your strong understanding of Story mfg. products, garment processes and brand philosophy to the customer 
  • Being aware of sales and always being on top of immediate replenishment
  • Ensure all products on display on the shop floor are priced and steamed, and are equally spaced on rails 
  • Knowing the stock and knowing the stockroom - knowing where stock is stored to be able to collect in good time for customers on the shop floor. 
  • Ensuring there is always appropriate music and video playing 
  • Using foresight and ensuring the shop never runs out of equipment 
  • Ensuring a seamless handover for the next day by updating the shop handover book with important information 
  • Daily cleaning of shop and stockroom; hoover, mop and dust

This position is for part time, 3 days a week, including Saturdays from end of May 2024 to June 2025. To apply please send CV and cover letter to with the subject line ‘Retail Assistant (Maternity Cover)’