Saeed's Hummus

Hummus is literally the most important thing in my life. It’s 4 basic ingredients:

What you'll need:

Chickpeas: While you can buy dried chickpeas, soak and boil them - we always used tinned as its much faster. Back home people always use dried, but personally, I find the results unpredictable. If you are going to go with dried do make sure to soak them in baking soda first as this helps soften them and makes peeling easier. 

If you’re soaking with baking soda, you’ll need 1.5 teaspoons for every can of chickpeas. 

Tahini: Use a GOOD Tahini. Good is a preference I suppose but by good I personally look or a brand that is clearly made for the middle east. Walk right past all the white-wellness health food ones we want the real stuff. Make sure to mix it if the oil has separated. 

Lemon: Freshly squeezed. Always best but this will add liquid to your mix so if you like it EXTRA lemony (like, hurt your tongue so good) buy some citric acid and mix with a little hot water. Be really sparing with this stuff because its very strong (bonus you can use it to clean the house with too). Make sure you get this stuff from the food shop - I dont think it's always food grade.

Garlic: Use fresh garlic for the most authentic taste but sometimes I like to get a bit wild and fry or roast the garlic first to make it a bit more savory.  


The below is 1 “Serving” but really its 1 “can” of chickpeas worth. Its enough for two people or 1 Saeed.

You’ll need:

  • 1 can chickpeas (400ml/15oz)
  • 2-3 tablespoons lemon juice or tip of teaspoon of citric acid mixed with a tablespoon hot water.
  • 3 tablespoons tahini (or more, to taste. I like even more than this but I dont want to worry you)
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

What to do:

In a food processor add all your ingredients and blend until smooth. Thats it. You’ll want it to be slightly runnier than you’re used to - don’t worry when you pop it on a plate and put in the fridge it’ll firm up as the acid and the tahini react. 

  • To get it very smooth: Add a couple of ice cubes after the first 20 seconds of blending
  • To get it smoothest (best, but also v time consuming): peel the chickpeas before you put them in the blender. If you want to half-arse it put the chickpeas in a deep bowl covered in water and shake and rub them about with your hands until the shells peel off and float to the top. Skim off the shells and do as many times as you can be bothered. Personally, I dont mind my hummus a little chunky. 
  • To go to hell: Add roasted red pepper, caramelised onion, chocolate basically any godforsaken nightmare the West has added.