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Grateful Tee LS - Peaches Logo Grateful Tee LS - Peaches Logo Grateful Tee LS - Peaches Logo

Our LS Grateful tees are ROOMY and big - inspired by anti-fit vintage tees. They’re always 100% organic cotton and this one is screen printed with waterbased ink with our logo.

The image is a representation of the final product, some colours may end up tonally different.

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Please check the measurements before ordering - Story mfg items are not a standard fit. Most items are more 'easy' anti fit & oversized than other brands, some are more cropped and nothing is designed to be tailored or fitted. The added post/cost/time/disappointment can be avoided by checking the chart below before ordering.


Our products are handmade and therefore individual and often unique.

Our naturally dyed clothing is coloured with organic materials that behave differently to synthetic dyes (like organic produce from a local farm looks, tastes and smells different to stuff from the supermarket). These items may have some smell from the dye process and you may experience some crocking and rub-off when new. Please make sure you are comfortable with this when ordering.

Screen printed items are made with water based inks which will biodegrade. They are free of solvents and use natural extracts so imperfections and colour variations are normal and expected.

Ceramics are microwave and dishwasher safe. Incense Trays are hand wash only.

All Care Instructions

Orders are currently sent with DHL (International) or DPD (within the UK).

Items ship from the UK and are inclusive of all taxes. If you're ordering internationally we guarantee you will not be charged any import duties or taxes.

We are really proud of our packaging, and you'll receive your item hand parcelled with a custom envelope, sticker, necklace and returns note should you wish to send anything back.

We do not provide returns shipping but we will take back any item, for any reason, as long as it is unworn and returned to us within 30 days of receipt.