In the year 2070, Liliana Elyse discovered a 100 year old half rotten document while clearing out the French Château she had recently inherited. It was almost entirely illegible aside from the words 'EARTHSHINE' emblazoned across the top and images of what appeared to be a group of individuals joined in worship. The document, shared across the world, brought a group of twelve people together in the belief that 'earthshine' - the reflection of sunlight on the earth observed from space - had healing medicinal qualities. 

Over a period of just six months, the group - dismissed by most as a cult - designed and built an organic space craft and launched into orbit. In addition to the hull and internal quarters of PROPHET 17, the twelve intrepid voyagers created an air system that poured out vapourised essences from medicinal plants and built large indoor spore-farms that grew singer-mushrooms (a fungus bio-designed by the crew themselves) to sustain them as they floated in the heavens.

Their return to earth, after 60 days of earthshine, marked a turning point in modern medicine. After extensive third party testing the results were conclusive - they were not only far healthier than before their trip but they also displayed increased intelligence and athletic ability.

Their heightened awareness however, did not illuminate the now widely understood basic truth; that earthshine is completely ineffectual and in fact a series of complete errors and happenstances were the root cause of their collective boost in wellbeing. These factors are explored in depth in their exhibition, nevertheless the crew are now heralded as founders of Nouvelle Médecine.

These images are their pre-flight photographs, taken the day before launch and provided courtesy of Le Musée de la Nouvelle Médecine de L’Isle Fort - home of the PROPHET 17 exhibition.


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Release date: July/August 2017

Styling: Katy Rutherford and Sam Binymin

Photography: Glenn Larkby