SS17 "BEST AFTER" collection

For SS17 STORY pays tribute to our biome - bacteria, yeasts and all the microbes that dye our clothes, ferment our food, live in our guts and make our lives more positive.

We honour the Oceanobacillus strain that helps ferment the natural indigo we dye with (as well as a host of other microbes) through batik prints, embroidery and natural dyes. Our fits are unisex and vintage-inspired, our fabrics are textural and unique, and our mission is a more sustainable approach to fashion. 

This season features extra chunky organic cotton corduroy dyed with fermented indigo, tree bark and plant roots, alongside lightweight fabrics that are woven with solar powered looms. We are also exploring naturally coloured fibres - our striped brown and ecru shirting has no dyes at all - just different, rare cottons.

As always, everything is Positive and Slow Made.