Preview: AW21 "Make Worlds"

Preview: AW21 "Make Worlds"

by Katy Al-Rubeyi


In Make Worlds we continue to explore familiar narratives. A love for the earth, craft, plants, happiness and good friends.

This collection (and all of them, always) has really been a celebration of artistry and craft. We’ve made Story Mfg. into a kind of residency for artists - one that doesn’t make you breakfast but does provide space to challenge and connect new dots.

Traditional natural dye methods are matched with modern CNC-cut shapes to create new resist patterns. Wax batik artists collaborate with tie-dye specialists resulting in almost unusual, almost 3D looking prints that aren’t actually prints but a negative dye. Block printers connect with illustrators to highlight the ritual of hand printing. This season we continue our relationship with artist Will Gaynor, turning work into block prints peppered with embroidery.

That’s all on top of the usual hand woven/hand spun/hand dyed bits we have always made. A highlight is our handwoven spiral fabric - a special we made just for

Photography: Elliot Jones
Styling: Daniel Pacitti
Models: Daniel Pacitti & Marina Guindilla