Lockdown Quilt Project (Complete!)

Lockdown Quilt Project (Complete!)

by Katy Al-Rubeyi

Hello everyone!

In 2020, when lockdown was just setting in and things seemed quite bleak we asked you to join us to create a community quilt. The original post is here, and reading it back is quite emotional because we had no idea the scale of what was to come.

We got so, so, so, so many submissions. Thank you so much. I remember at the time Saeed and I were worried no one would send anything in because it was kind of a big ask. We were asking for WORK, and we massively, massively appreciate it.

Back then, most of our business was reliant upon our stockists, and many cancelled their orders or went out of business entirely by this time in lockdown, creating a massive amount of worry and uncertainty for us and our makers. We couldn't do much, but we thought we could at least ensure this little bit of work for the tailors if everything else got cancelled while we made new plans. Luckily we managed to navigate the waters together despite the pandemic and the myriad of issues it created (border closures, transport gridlock - at one point the box of precious quilt pieces even got LOST).


The finished piece is currently on display in our shop in Brighton for the next week, after which it'll move to our studio. Not entirely sure where to show it next, any ideas welcome!

I'm keen to do more community-sourced things too, maybe even another quilt with a different purpose. 

Again thank you all for being involved, below you'll find a link to a high res image if you want to see it in all its glory. Below that are closeups of every part, and right at the bottom are everyone's IG handles given at the time. If yours has changed, email us hi@storymfg.com and we can update it for you!

Download a full a high res image here.

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