Earthshine! (SS18)

Earthshine! (SS18)

by Saeed Al-Rubeyi

In the late 1960’s a new type of British holiday had a brief but shining moment of popularity - the eco tour. Holidaymakers and day-trippers would join in an effort to make a positive change to the planet while taking time away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. Tour operators sprung up across the country, from trash-picking hiking trails to seed-bombing city tours for do-good revellers.

Arguably the most successful operator, Earthshine Eco Tours (EET), specialised in beach getaways along the Kentish coastline where holidaymakers could soak up the sun while cleaning the beach of rubbish. These images are from the summer of 1973 and feature a batch of tour guides in Margate in what would be the final tour of that area.

After several successful years expanding across the coastlines of the UK, a group of founding EET members and regular guests made a decision to transition the focus from holiday-making to policy-making and formed a political party we know today as The Tellus Party. After mixed success in the UK the party moved operations to a small island fort in France where they work to lobby the EU government on behalf of the environment.


おそらく最も成功を収めたオペレーターであるEARTHSHINE ECO TOURS(EET)は、休暇中の人が日光浴しながらごみ拾いが出来るKentish海岸沿いのビーチに特化していました。これらの画像は1973年の夏からのもので、その地域の最終ツアーとなる予定のMargateのツアーガイドをまとめています。

英国中の海岸線に広まり、成功を収めた数年後、EETの創業メンバーと定期ゲストのグループは、この活動の焦点を休暇から政策立案に移し、現在TELLUS PARTYとして知られている政党を結成する決定を下しました。イギリスで多少の成功の後、党はオペレーションをフランスの小さな島の砦に移し、EU政府に対して環境保護に関するロビー活動を行っています。

Plant dyes(all natural): Babul tree bark (browns), Madder (reds & pinks), Fermented Indigo (blues), Iron (black), Myrobalan (yellows)

Release date: Jan/Feb 2018

Photography: (@dannynorthphoto)

Styling: Katy Rutherford & Sam Alos

Models: Ajay Singh, Taisja Harrell, Jennifer Marie Kusowski, Farid Fakhre, Ben Rawsthorne