Story mfg. X octi

Story mfg. X octi

by Ella Weeks

Collaborator - Octi Ransom @_octi

Photographer - Hollie Fernando @holliefernando

Photographer Assistant - Jessie Fernando @jessiemaenands



Today, we’re proud to release our collaboration with octi.

octi is a jewellery designer based in London who shares our passion for the Earth and its natural patterns. Together, we created a Short on Time Jacket and three recycled silver necklaces using that shared language.

First we have the patchwork Short on Time Jacket, crafted from our undyed ecru fabric offcuts, individually shaped to reflect octi’s signature, undulating patterns. Each jacket is finished with a special removable button, handmade in recycled silver by octi.

There are also three necklaces featuring a charm pendant made from recycled silver by octi. It’s a sweet little meeting of worlds again as they’ve been put together for us by Murugan who makes our carved stone necklaces using tulsi (sweet basil) beads and an adjustable waxed cotton cord.

Left to right: octi Necklace - 3octi Necklace - 2 and octi Necklace - 1.

Short On Time Jacket - octi Patchwork.