Brighton Shop

Story mfg. Flagship & Studios
85 Gloucester Road

Opening Times
Saturday : 11am - 6pm
You can arrange to collect purchases any day of the week from 11-5pm.
December Christmas Opening Times

1st (FRI) - CLOSED
2nd (SAT) - 11-6
3rd (SUN) - CLOSED
4th (MON) - CLOSED
5th (TUE) - CLOSED
8th (FRI) - 11-7
9th (SAT) - 11-7
10th (SUN) - 11-7
11th (MON) - CLOSED
12th (TUE) - CLOSED
13th (WED) - CLOSED
14th (THUR) - 11-7
15th (FRI) - 11-7
16th (SAT) - 11-7
17th (SUN) - 11-7
18th (MON) - CLOSED
19th (TUE) - CLOSED
20th (WED) - 11-7 CLOSED
21st (THUR) - 11-7
22nd (FRI) - 11-7
23rd (SAT) - 11-7
24th (SUN) - 11-3
25th (MON) - CLOSED
26th (TUE) - CLOSED
27th (WED) - CLOSED
28th (THUR) - 11-6
29th (FRI) - 11-6
30th (SAT) - 11-6
31st (SUN) - 11-6

1st (MON) - Closed
2nd (TUE) - Closed

About The Space

Our Brighton store is a little slice of the Story mfg. webshop and world, where you can see, touch and smell our products.
You'll find our retail floor up a set of stairs, above our website warehouse space and design offices. While we keep a rotating display of current stock on the shop floor, our team are happy to grab you anything available on the site from our warehouse below.
The space was designed and project managed by Jenna Fletcher of Oswalde Shop ( and features a mix of vintage designer and commissioned pieces. Ask our staff for more info.