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Palapattai Dyed

Jackfruit as a dye is a real case of ancient technology research. Although the fruit is still widely eaten - its use as a dye had all but disappeared until recently.

One of the dye masters we work with heard tales of jackfruit being used as a dye in the past and set about working out if it was true, where the dye might come from, how to extract it and how to dye with it.

After years of research, the dyehouse discovered jackfruit wood contains the strong yellow dye (not the fruit as people had told them). The fantastic news is that this wood is in abundance and a waste product of local jackfruit farming - so this is not only a wonderful healthy yellow dye but also puts waste to use. 

Our partners buy the waste wood, shred it, sun-dry it and then boil it up into a tea to dye with in a process that takes 4-10 days depending on the tone of colour required.