Customer Service

If you have any questions or queries about products we'd love to hear from you.

All emails are read and answered by our tiny team so before you pop us an email please check the FAQ and links below. We try to get back to customer service emails within 2 business days.

Our email is strictly for customer service - we aren't able to reply to questions about anything else. If you have press or wholesale enquiries, check out the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wash my stuff?

We generally recommend hand wash at 30 degrees with a pH neutral soap and air drying to get best results. For more info click the care guide above.

I'd like to work with you, do you have any internships/job opporunties?

Afraid not!

I'm a student and I'd like to ask you some questions, can I email them over?

We aren't able to help on a 1:1 basis but you can almost certainly find out all the info you need by looking through our blog and checking out our Podcast. If you'd like to submit a question to be answered on the podcast which hasn't been addressed before you can do so here.

Do you have a press contact?

Sure! Email Kristin

Who makes your products?

We design all our products ourselves and work with partners to make them for production.

Our main partners are The Colours of Nature, Oshadi Collective, Suchada Cotton, Tharangini Studio and Sufiyan Khatri Block Prints. We love being open about our wonderful partners but please be respectful of them and their time. They are busy, working factories and artisans not resources.

Sometimes people contact them to ask them to make work that looks a lot like Story mfg. which creates a very uncomfortable situation for them. Please do not do this - the work we make is as much theirs as ours so asking them to plagiarise themselves is more disrespectful than you might think.

I'm a photographer/stylist/model or another brand and I'd like to collaborate - can we chat?

At the moment we are too busy to take on any new collaborations of any type - sorry!

I'd like to stock your brand in my store - who can I speak to?

Sure! Email (Japan) and (Rest of World). Fair warning: if you're a 'marketplace' model we aren't interested but thank you.