Photo Essay: AW20 First Delivery

Photo Essay: AW20 First Delivery

by Studio Story

I've written out and deleted an opening sentence to this lookbook probably about 30 times now - I don't know what to say. It feels really weird.

I can't believe it really got made. I want to say how hard it was - but in the grand scheme of things it wasn't as hard as others had it. I want to say how thankful we are to everyone involved (this body of work wouldn't be possible without a lot of leaps of faith) but writing that above a lookbook seems a bit weird and performative. Our overwhelming feeling I think is relief - we made it through a really tough time that began when we made samples of this collection, and now we are here and we are all okay-ish. We wanted to make something really beautiful with what we have for AW20 before the cold set in, so this is what we came up with.

AW20 as a season is rolling out to all of our lovely stockists now, and we have lots of it here on our store too. This editorial is a snapshot of our first delivery - shot locally in Brighton by Hollie Fernando on our friends Blu and Randy.

Models: Randy Agyemang, Ella Blu Sumrie
Styling: Katy
Photographer: Hollie Fernando (@holliefernando)